Elyel Mylne

Co-owner of the Red Mug


Elyel is half elf. She looks 30 and has long braided silver hair.


Elyel was born in the winter of the bear to a human father and a female elf. While this was not uncommon in the elven community she was born in, it still caused a minor scandal. Half elves or lesser elves, as they’re called in the city forest of Verrin, are deemed as unfit for teaching, unless they possess an arcane ability which Elyel did not. Elyel fled to the human encampment near the forests she grew up only to find a harsher world there. She lived with her father who was a lute maker. She spent time not only learning how to play instruments but make and repair them. She traveled around for a while with her trusty silver in laid lute and sang songs at festivals and taverns. While traveling through a rather mountainous region her group was attacked by a pack of gnolls. She was the only survivor. They dragged her back to their lair planning on doing devious things to her when a man in full armor came rushing in. He killed the gnolls in the name of King and country. She was in love at first sight and followed him around singing songs of the noble deed he had done that day. Finally they married, and settled down in the town of Beowick.

On a few recorded occasions tenants of the Red Mug have heard the faint sound of a lute playing and a woman singing in a soft tone.

Elyel Mylne

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