Grey Mylne

Co-owner of the Red Mug


Former Soldier
He is tall and stout. His hair is copper but fading to grey.


Grey Mylne is the fifth son of a farmer born in the southern lands. Spent his days working with his hands, spent the nights dreaming of magical powers so he could simply fly away from his abusive father. Grey knew that he would not inherit the farm so at 14 he left, seeking out anything and he saw everything. He became a fighter simply to survive on the road. By the time he reached the capital he was 16 but looked 20 so they let him join up. He was sent on wild campaigns all across the nation. Served as a city guardsmen for a stint, once he was given the honor of watching over the young prince. He slew a young green dragon himself, had the hide turned into a shield which he lost in combat. The skull hangs over the fire place in the Red Mug.

Nearing the end of his soldiering days, when he was in his 30’s, he saved a young half elf woman that had been captured by a group of gnolls. She followed him everywhere from that point forward, they were married when he left the service. They used all their money to buy a small tavern with a few rooms in the town of Beowick.

Grey Mylne

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