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    *Beowick* is a thorp located adjacent to a stretch of badlands. According to the last [[census]] taken in 1120 it has a population of 110 people.

      Bethel Lyne

      Bethel Lyne is the healer in a small thorp called Beowick. She is also there leader. Not much is known about her except that she has a sister in the town of Liamas.

  • Grey Mylne

    Grey Mylne is the fifth son of a farmer born in the southern lands. Spent his days working with his hands, spent the nights dreaming of magical powers so he could simply fly away from his abusive father. Grey knew that he would not inherit the farm so at …

  • Elyel Mylne

    Elyel was born in the winter of the bear to a human father and a female elf. While this was not uncommon in the elven community she was born in, it still caused a minor scandal. Half elves or lesser elves, as they're called in the city forest of Verrin, …

  • Raffin Rysor

    Raffin Rysor is the only son of Devin Rysor, the original founder of Beowick. Raffin spends too much time at the Red Mug and not enough time paying attention to his wife or son Nolan. Beowick is the only thing Raffin knows, and the only thing Raffin wants …

  • Edmur

    Edmur is a one armed black smith in the town of Beowick. Edmur had a terrible gambling problem, one night he was playing a game with some bandits, he had bet everything of value he had ever owned so he bet his left arm. He cited that it was the arm he …

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