Beowick is a thorp located adjacent to a stretch of badlands. According to the last census taken in 1120 it has a population of 110 people.


Beowick was founded by Devin Rysor, a traveling merchant of many goods. His wares were anything an adventuring party would need such as: whetstones, torches, dried food, rope, etc. He would take his wagon all across the land and set up on the main road for a few days and trade with people passing by. Finally one day his old horse died. Rysor decided to take advantage of his horses death and make this uninhabited piece of land his home, he named it Beowick after his horse.


Beowick is roughly 264 feet by 900 feet. It is all land except for the .000001 foot where the water pump perpetually leaks.


As of the latest census data Beowick has 110 residents, 23 households, and 21 families. Racially 95% of residents identify as Human, 3% identify as Dwarven, 1% identify as Elven, and 1% identify as Orc.


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