Census was a great undertaking by the king, it was started in 1115 and ended in 1120.


The census was conceived by the king as a way to better understand his nation. It was originally the called the first great census, though many have said in the following years that is the first and only census.


When the census was in still being planned out it was assumed to cost half a million gold pieces. The crown was going to back the whole cost of the census.

By the year 1117 the crown had spent 750,000 gold pieces and was beginning to doubt the investment it was making. A few wealthy merchant families stepped forward and agreed to take on the rest of the financial burden. The true cost of which is still unknown to people outside of the royal family and these merchant families. The census was then completed in 1120 having cost a total of 3 million gold pieces.


Controversy swirls around the census, why it cost so much, what made it take so long to complete, how were the merchant families compensated for their gold.


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